Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

Wander to your hearts content in the natural beauty of Kofa National Wildlife Refuge and see Arizona as it was hundreds of years ago. A short hike in the refuge shows how this arid region is home to numerous reptiles, birds of prey, and other desert animals like bighorn sheep and mountain lions. You may also get the chance to see North Americas fastest mammal, the Sonoran Pronghorn.

The Hull Mine at Castle Dome Museum

Look back into prehistoric Arizona when you venture hundreds of feet beneath the desert’s surface inside of The Hull Mine. What was once a thriving mining operation a hundred years ago is now the location of a unique collection of mineral formations that known for their amazing fluorescent properties. The Castle Dome Museum also provides a glimpse into the life of an Arizona miner in the 1860’s.

Painted Rock Petroglyph Site and Campground

A snapshot of how information was once shared,  the Painted Rock Petroglyphs, have stood unchanged for millennia under the Arizona sun. These ancient carvings record the observations and messages of the many different peoples that once traveled across North America in a time before modern explorers. Don’t miss the chance to see with your own eyes what people a thousand years ago had to say in stone.

Gateway Park in Yuma

Take time to enjoy more modern attractions at the Gateway Park in Yuma situated directly on the Ohio River. The park offers excellent picnic locations, as well as numerous recreational water activities like fishing and tubbing. Located at the north end of downtown Yuma, a relaxing day at the park also provides an opportunity to do a little window shopping downtown while you are there.

Vast Adventures Await

Let us show you why Sun Country is highly rated and the talk of the town. When you venture out to this mobile home park, you know you’re in for a grand time.

Perfect for Travelers and Locals

Sun Country RV Park is perfect if you’re looking for a peaceful stay. While being quiet and connected to nature, we’re still conveniently located to shops, restaurants, and attractions such as museums and national monuments.

What you need is an adventure for yourself...