Here are some policies below to prepare you for your next venture!


Month and Over Stay

  • If you are 18 years of age or older and plan on staying for more than a month, do fill out an application at the office.
  • Please have an ID or any other form of government issued ID ready to be scanned by us.
  • We take payments of money orders or checks. No cash please. 

Vehicles & Parking

  • Please do not park on the streets. There are designated lots for a reason for the safety of all our guests.
  • Please do not drive through vacant lots or walk through your neighbor’s areas without permission.
  • Please observe the speed limit as there are children around the park.
Thank you for being a good neighbor!

RV Rules

  • Remember that there should only be one RV per RV space.
  • Please make sure whatever you bring with you will fit on your RV lot site.
  • Please do not exceed your site boundary.
  • Please make sure your RV is 3 feet away from all site lines when parked.

We appreciate your understanding!

The friendly folks in Sun Country would be happy to see you!

Would you like to contact the main office to prepare for your future stay?